Design has always been a part of my life, whether I knew it or not. As a kid, I spent a lot of time perfecting how my handwriting looked and when the internet and computers came into play, I spent a lot of time perfecting how my blog looked (I know – I must have been an interesting child). It wasn’t until I got to college—where my major was undecided for two years—that I decided to take a leap into Graphic Design; I haven’t looked back since.

After graduating, my career started in social media. With a platform so fleeting, I quickly learned that I needed to create images that were purposeful as well as click-worthy. Just over a year later, I had the pleasure of working at a full-service agency that houses public relations, social media, and marketing departments. Being exposed to these different fields has taught me to design efficiently for a wide variety of needs, meet deadlines and, of course, produce designs that are dynamic and purposeful. Here, I started as a Graphic Designer and grew to Creative Director where I had the opportunity to lead a team of designers from all walks of life. Whether it was balancing projects or collaborating with other departments, I had a wealth of opportunity to be creative and grow.

I am a NYC native now residing in sunny San Diego where you’ll find me wandering around town with my lowrider pup (I have plenty of pictures if you’re interested…). I’m a tinkerer at heart and google everything; if there’s an answer, I’ll find it for you! I also love teaching myself how to do things – my latest obsession is calligraphy and let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

Interests: my dog, hiking with my dog, your dog, good food, beer, & coffee, music festivals, disc golf, roller skating, and traveling (and then missing my dog).