Design has always been a part of my life, whether I knew it or not. As a kid, I spent a lot of time perfecting how my handwriting looked and when the internet and computers came into play, I spent a lot of time perfecting how my blog looked (I know – I must have been an interesting child). It wasn’t until I got to college—where my major was undecided for two years—that I decided to take a leap into Graphic Design; I haven’t looked back since.


After graduating, my career started in social media. With a platform so fleeting, I quickly learned that I needed to create images that were purposeful as well as click-worthy. Fast forward to now: I have the pleasure of working at a full-service agency, which houses public relations, social media, and marketing departments. Being exposed to these different fields has taught me to design efficiently for various needs, meet deadlines and, of course, produce designs that are dynamic and purposeful. With four years of experience under my belt, I now lead a team of designers and love the challenges that agency life brings; whether it’s balancing projects or collaborating with other departments, there are so many opportunities to be creative and grow.



I am a NYC native now residing in sunny San Diego where you’ll find me wandering around town with my lowrider pup (I have plenty of pictures if you’re interested…). I’m a tinkerer at heart and google everything; if there’s an answer, I’ll find it for you! I also love teaching myself how to do things – my latest obsession is calligraphy and let’s just say I won’t be quitting my design job to do that anytime soon.


Interests: my dog, hiking with my dog, taking photos of my dog, food, good beer, good coffee, internet window shopping, traveling (and then missing my dog), and — wait for it — Star Trek.