Costco Auto Program

Costco Auto Program

Costco Auto Program, operated by San Diego-based Affinity Development Group, bridges the gap between Costco and some of your favorite automotive brands. My role as lead graphic designer for CAP’s promotions was to design and produce a campaign that allowed Cadillac’s luxuriousness and allure to shine while still preserving the Costco/CAP brand.


micro site

I was given the opportunity to own the web design of the Costco Auto Program promotions microsite. From the outset, my focus was on consistency in styles, type hierarchy, and spacing. Leveraging tailwindcss’s framework, we achieved a polished and more inviting site. Next, I wanted to add simple functions to make the site more navigable without changing anything too drastically. We did 2 things: implemented a bottom navigation bar for easier browsing between eligible models and reconfigured the user registration slider to make it a more defined step in the CAP registration process.



campaign marketing

In addition to the CAP microsite, our other big marketing outlet is, of course, directly at the warehouse. Depending on the scope of the promotion, we design various print collateral, some including fliers, kiosk posters, and vehicle windshield banners.

January 2024
Cadillac Promotion
Costco Auto Program