Corner Chicken

Corner Chicken

We were approached by existing client, Tajima, to help them with their new concept that was yet to be named. This new concept would be serving up Nashville-style hot chicken sandwiches & plates accompanied by your favorite homestyle sides. The hot chicken would be natural, cage-free, antibiotic-free, and paired with your favorite beer. The space would be perched at the corner of Ninth and G Street.

Our Role

Our team was first tasked with naming the concept. Ultimately the client went with ‘Corner Chicken’—simple like their menu and it played off their location. The next step was to design the logo and the rest of the branding elements would fall into place.

The Logo

While designing my options, I wanted to play off the corner concept some more and the best way to do that was creating a design using perspective. The client would need to use logo on apparel, business cards, flyers, among many other things so I kept in mind that the logo would be best if kept simple and clear. I also wanted to include some kind of chicken symbol for obvious reasons.

The Menu

The menu should complement the cuisine so that is what I tried to do. Everybody knows the look of the red checkered food paper liners; it represents casual comfort food so naturally, I had to incorporate this into Corner Chicken’s branding. My main goal was to incorporate fun elements while keeping the design modern, yet nostalgic.

July 2019
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