Como Ceviche!

Como Ceviche!

The concept for Como Ceviche! was the love child of good friends Johan Engman (owner of Rise + Shine Restaurant Group) and William Lopez (principal of Alternative Strategies). The two long-time business partners and travel gurus got together to bring fast-casual ceviche to East Village, San Diego—think Chipotle but for ceviche! Flavors of your bowl, wrap, or plate ranged from Peru to the Caribbean.

My Role

Having my boss as one of the owners of Como Ceviche! held me very close to this entire project. Our team was involved in submitting name suggestions, where ultimately one of mine was chosen. From there, the design team submitted logo options in which, one of mine was also chosen. While the concept did not last as long as we’d have wanted, I will always have a soft spot for this project. With both my naming suggestion and logo option chosen, I was essentially placed in charge of art direction.

The Logo

We were provided a bright, almost neon, color palette and advised to make our designs festive and energetic. I channeled my inner ceviche-lover and decided that I needed to use handwritten-type or cursive fonts. I believed that they would provide the “motion” and action the logo needed. Latin culture is very vibrant and lively so I wanted to make sure this came through. I added textures and accents to bring in some casual elements.

The Result

The cursive font and fluid design of the logo contrasts well with clean, sans serif fonts so this would do well with other branding materials. One of the biggest projects for the Como Ceviche! space was to create an entire wall full of unique posters. Our team worked together to come up with different concepts, mixing serif and sans serif fonts, simple vs intricate designs, all to bring together this space that could be described as organized chaos.

Como Ceviche!
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