Breakfast Republic

Breakfast Republic

Breakfast Republic started as one, small location in North Park, San Diego. Alternative Strategies helped launch this brand from the ground up however, I hopped on this project after the initial logo and branding were established. The aim of BR’s branding has always been to display whimsy and incorporate many different elements. As the brand began to take off, it was apparent that Breakfast Republic’s branding needed a slightly different direction. Our team was tasked with taking what was existing and give it a refresh and to create assets that were cleaner and most importantly, Instagram-worthy.

Original Menu

The original menu itself posed a challenge, as it was item-heavy, which results in lots of text. What the design accomplished was displaying all the menu items legibly, while trying to incorporate character into the section headers. With so much content, the struggle was with being able to include a variety of elements without the menu looking too chaotic and distracting.

Redesigned Menu

While the original menu was already a challenge in itself, it was our first task in transforming Breakfast Republic’s brand. In order to free up some space, I chose fonts for the body copy that could be easily read even when a bit smaller and as for the headers, I found a font family containing different layers that could be stacked in a variety of ways to create a different unique header for each menu section. The next step was to consolidate and format as much as possible before adding our elements back in along with some more color.

The Result

I was very happy with the result of the redesigned menu. The fonts were cleaner and the design felt more cohesive and definitely trendier. After this redesign, our team moved forward with modeling future graphics using these fonts, colors, elements. With this new direction, our team branded mugs, custom ketchup and sauce bottles, apparel, socks—you name it, we branded it for BR! Breakfast Republic is now thriving with 10 locations open throughout San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Breakfast Republic
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